Medical Weight Management

A non-surgical weight loss treatment option

Our Medical Bariatrician will provide a comprehensive medical evaluation and review with you the factors that affect your ability to lose and sustain weight loss. Together with our dietitians, we will design a program that is best for you. Evidenced-based treatments will be used which include dietary changes, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. There are also many medications available today that can help you lose and maintain weight loss. Because obesity is a chronic disease, we use medications just as we would use medications to treat heart disease, asthma, or cancer. However, medications are not required.

You will have regular follow-up visits to monitor progress which we have learned over many years of practice, is a key component to success. It helps keep you accountable.

  • Meal plan designed for you (to be modified when needed)
    1. Whole foods plan that is calorie and carb controlled
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. Partial meal replacement plans
  • Metabolic testing
  • Physical therapy evaluation and recommended exercise program
  • Dietary education and support
  • Behavioral therapy and modification
  • Weight loss medications
  • Referral to other specialists as needed
  • Monthly visits to help keep you accountable
  • Long-term follow up for long-term success

Who is a Good Candidate for our Medical Weight Loss Program?

Patients who do not feel Bariatric Surgery is right for them

Patients who are not Bariatric Surgical candidates (e.g., BMI < 35)

Patients with a BMI > 30 (or > 27 with comorbidity such as hypertension or diabetes)

Patients needing to lose weight for joint replacement or other surgery

Patients who have had weight gain after Bariatric Surgery

Ready to reclaim your life with safe, sustainable weight management?

Weight management is about wellness and reclaiming your life. Make it happen with a safe, medically supervised weight-loss program that’s uniquely suited to you and your goals. At CRMC, we’ll help you achieve healthy weight loss with an expert team and ongoing support. Request a consultation today to discover medically supervised weight-management options that fit your life, today and in the future.

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