Hernia Repair

Think you might have a hernia?

Our team of five experienced surgeons perform minimally invasive laparoscopic, robotic assisted and open surgical repair of several types of hernias and specialize in complex and recurrent hernia repair.

Hernias are a frequently occurring condition in both men and women. A hernia will not heal on its own. Surgery is needed to repair the defect in the abdominal wall. If not treated, a hernia can get larger. It can also lead to serious medical complications. The good news is that hernia surgery can be done quickly and safely, and in most cases, you can go home the same day as your surgery. Many hernia repairs are now being performed using robotic surgery which provides better outcomes, shorter recovery times, less infection and less need for pain medications.

If you experience abdominal pain or bulging when lifting, coughing, urinating or during other activities, you may have a hernia. A hernia is a condition in which an organ or other structure protrudes through a weak part of tissue or muscle. In some cases, a hernia can create a visible lump or bulge in the skin. A hernia repair returns the organ or structure to its proper place and fixes the weakened area of muscle or tissue.

Our expertly trained surgeons provide the best, patient-centered hernia repair. We continue to use proven advances that yield the least possible discomfort and the fastest possible recovery.


Considering Hernia Surgery?

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 Cuyuna Regional Medical Center has been recognized as a Center of Excellence in robotic surgery. Represents a culture of excellence and commitment to safe, effective, high-quality care. The first outstate hospital to achieve this designation. CRMC has been dedicated to minimally invasive surgery for over 30 years.

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