Behavioral Health

Client centered,
Health and wellness focused.

Behavioral Health provides a full range of mental health services to individuals ages 6 and older, focused on the improvement of the social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of individuals and families. CRMC has an experienced, licensed psychologist who is dedicated to providing appropriate clinical mental health care along with preventative, educational and supportive programs.

Behavioral Health is client centered, recovery oriented, and health and wellness focused. A licensed psychologist addresses the comprehensive physical, chemical and behavioral needs of individuals. Anticipated program benefits for the client include improvements in the exchange of healthcare communication, decreased ER visits and hospitalizations, reduced health care costs, and overall improvement in health, wellness, and quality of life.

Behavioral Health is able to assist individuals and their families in the ability to:

  • Access and utilize routine and preventative health care services
  • Obtain consistent treatment of mental health and other co-occurring health conditions
  • Gain knowledge of health conditions, effective treatments and practices of self- management of health conditions
  • Learn and consider healthy lifestyle routines
  • Access and use of social and community supports to assist the individual in meeting his or her health and wellness goals


A person may be eligible for behavioral health services if they are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in regular activities
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, feeling tired all the time
  • Confusion, memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate, sudden decrease in intellectual functioning
  • Uncharacteristic anger, irritability or agitation
  • Feelings of extreme anxiety, worry or fear
  • Thoughts of hurting self or others
  • Inability to care for self or others
  • Isolation or withdrawal from family and friends
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Seeing or hearing things that no one else sees or hears
  • Impaired understanding of reality
  • Difficulty with impulse control
  • Extended and extreme grief over a loss
  • Parenting or relationship problems
  • Intrusive thoughts/memories from unresolved past trauma


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